The Ultimate Wardrobe Staples for a Therapeutic Wardrobe Cleanse

April 8, 2020 by Rollie Nation

The Ultimate Wardrobe Staples for a Therapeutic Wardrobe Cleanse

Our little world of late has been shrinking and now many of us are pretty much sticking to our own four walls. As challenging as this is to think about, there’s plenty of fun to be had while laying low. Top on our list of things to do at the moment is a therapeutic wardrobe cleanse. Who doesn’t love a game of Keep, Store, Oppy anyway?

With the changing weather, the all too familiar rolling out of the winter wardrobe begins. Like reconnecting with an old friend, it’s fun getting reacquainted with our wardrobe favourites. Those trusty pieces you can count on to save you on those mornings you stare blankly into the wardrobe wondering what to wear.

Because as much as we love fashion, we much prefer style. Wardrobe staples that are timeless but still interesting. The statement pieces which aren’t defined by trend or an era. They stand alone and endure over time.

We are fans of buying less but investing in better. Curating a versatile capsule wardrobe that allows you to play with many and varied combinations. We want you to feel shiny and new, every time you wear Rollie, even if you’ve worn them countless times.

So, in the spirit of buying less but better, here are 4 key shoes we believe are the necessary building blocks of any great winter wardrobe.

Derby Snow Leopard

Nice and neutral but with a playful edge, our Derby Snow Leopard is a monochrome dream. It can be the outfit pop your all black look requires or it can be styled seamlessly into a louder, brighter look. The no nonsense lace-up style is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Our customers tell us they are “the most comfortable work shoes” for teachers, doctors and nurses especially. But life isn’t all about work is it? While our classic Derby is a fantastic work shoe, it styles down nicely with jeans and a t-shirt for fuss free weekend wearing. With orthotic friendly removable insoles, these are simply good shoes for good people.

Madison Mule Camel Leopard 

How cool is the mule? Transeasonal dressing can be tricky. The weather is unpredictable, and the cool crisp mornings make the risk of over-heating high. The rising popularity of women’s mules is undeniable. While summer may be over and the slides and sandals are packed away, some days just call for a slip on. More classically feminine than the Derby, the Madison Mule is a fun slip on staple. Our Camel Leopard upper has been a popular option because while Camel Leopard is neutral, it comes with a side of fun making it perfect work shoes and perfect play shoes. For those wanting to play it safer, the Madison Mule comes in plenty of neutral colours for a more minimal look. Mules rule!

City Sneaker White

The new kid on the block at Rollie HQ is the City Sneaker. The City Sneaker has been truly embraced by our Rollie buyers. People have been calling out for a classic clean line sneaker with minimal branding for some time now. So, when designing a basic white sneaker that could be styled up as a work shoe or down for the weekend, we wanted to make sure it was also orthotic friendly. After all, everyone deserves the gift of comfy feet. The 4cm flatform heel provides an added height boost so you can ditch the heels and embrace the more podiatrist approved option of comfortable flats. Life’s too short to hobble around in heels!

Madison Side Zip Boot

Boots, boots, boots!! Our favourite part of the changing season is the fact we are entering into boot territory. Beautiful leather boots crafted for comfort and cosiness. Our classic black boot with statement side zip detailing is timeless and current at the same time. Nothing beats a wardrobe building boot that pairs with everything from jeans and pants through to dresses with tights. From classic black through to animal prints and metallics, there is so much coming down the line in the Rollie boot collection! We can’t wait for you to check out all we have on offer over the coming months.

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