Working from Home, Things We’re Learning

March 31, 2020 by Rollie Nation

Working from Home, Things We’re Learning

The team at Rollie HQ is feeling its way through the highs and lows of working from home. With more of us now making kitchen tables and spare rooms into offices, we thought we’d share what we’ve learned so far.

Tip 1: Start Out Strong
Some days are harder than others, no doubt about it. But pushing through and creating a new morning routine has made for better days. There’s a reason to get up! Make the bed, exercise, shower and get dressed. Without this, before we know it it’s 5pm and we’re still in our pyjamas. Which on the surface sounds great, but maybe more for a Sunday treat? Actually, when is Sunday?

Tip 2: Dress to Impress … Yourself
We all know the effect clothes have on how we feel. We’re never going to be, or feel, our best in the oversized sweater with crispy bits of brekky down the front. Dressing to make ourselves feel happy, confident and capable of being our best is good for our heads, productivity and our work mates during video calls. When work is done, what better reward than digging out the uggs and trackies and hitting the couch.

Tip 3: Phone a Friend
Some of us were never big fans of talking on the phone, why talk when you can text? But now we can’t physically be with the ones we love; a phone call is the next best thing. Stepping away from the computer, having a cuppa in the sun and taking some time out to speak to someone we miss is re-energising.

Tip 4: Structure
This one’s so important, it’s what holds it all together. We make a start and finish time for our working day, breaks and lunch. Sitting in the same room as the fridge is def a challenge but staying strong makes the reward worth it! And when it’s time to ‘go home’ we make sure to really step away and enjoy things that make us happy. It’s time to fill the cup, so we can do it all again tomorrow. 

Tip 5: Kids …
The juggle is real. Kids want nothing to do with you until you’re in a meeting. And trying to look composed whilst reasoning with kids on a video call, is now one of life’s great challenges. To try and minimise this, we’ve found making plenty of healthy snacks and creative free-play stuff accessible, buys some valuable time.

Solid hang time in the morning means they’re more likely to let you be for a little while too. We’ve also been trying to explain to our kids that when the door is closed, we can’t be interrupted. It’s taking time (still a WIP) but we’re getting there.

Good luck!

So, what are Team Rollie wearing on their feet while they work from home?

Nish – Digital & Ecommerce Manager:
“I love wearing the Rollie City Sneaker. It is so comfortable and light. The memory foam insole makes it such a good shoe and when I take a call, they are the best walking shoes for pacing up and down my hallway as I chat with the team.”

Kate – Creative & Content Manager
“The Derby Medium Snow Leopard is a bit of fun. I do love a colourful sneaker but there’s something nice about the monochrome snow leopard print. The organic shapes in the pattern are beautiful and the monochrome palette is really versatile. While I usually opt for casual shoes, the Derby is great because it can be worn as cool casual shoes or dressed up as smart flat shoes. The cute, quirky print gives me some extra pep on those mornings when I need a little pick me up.”

Mirna – Finance Manager
Madison Mule Camel Leopard is my go-to shoe when I’m working from home. The memory foam insole is so comfortable and being able to slip them on and off as I walk around the house is great. Mules are such stylish shoes so when I wear them, I feel dressed and stylish but the comfortable slip on style makes my feet feel like they are in slippers. They are the best!!!!!”

Domenica – Shoe Designer
The Derby Punch Overlay styles are such good shoes. I’ve loved the Rollie Punch for a long time but as the weather gets cooler, wearing my Punches becomes harder to do. Our Punch Overlay design turns our classic Derby Punch into warm and comfortable shoes for the Winter. The colour contrasting linings make me feel like I’m starting the day off on the right foot with colourful, comfortable shoes.”

Zoe – National Sales Manager
“Being based in WA, I’ve been working from home since I joined Rollie. So, working from home is just business as usual for me. I love wearing the Madison Shootie Boot because it is a great transeasonal shoe for autumn fashion. As autumn in WA is still relatively warm, I love wearing the Shootie Boot because they are great ankle boots you can style with a flowing, comfortable dress and a denim jacket. Relaxed, stylish, super comfortable and an easy to wear look.”

Deb – Head of Marketing and Brand
“Without a doubt, flat ankle boots are on my mind at the moment. Our new Aura Boots are my favourite shoes right now. The soft, flexible shoe design hugs your foot beautifully. These lightweight ankle boots are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. The unlined leather is soft and buttery. They’re luxury boots that make you feel like you’re wearing soft, cosy socks. Great for those working from home days when you need to look great but want to feel like you’re in your Ugg boots.”

What makes the days easier for you to get through? Share work from home ideas in the comments below!


  • Nancy GApril 6, 2020

    I’m not able to work from home. I still have to schlep into work everyday :( At least I still have a job! I think there should be a proposal for everyone who has to continue to go into work, that there should be a wear your PJ’s to work day! So we don’t feel like we’re missing out!

  • Joanne HuttonApril 1, 2020

    Thanks for this article! I think tips #1 and #4 resonated with me the most. I know I need organisation and a routine to stay mentally strong and be productive at home.

  • Holly April 1, 2020

    I had just finished mat leave and started a new job, 2 weeks later everything was turned upside down and I’m back at home with the kids, 3, 1 & 1 (yep twins) and although I was so excited to be working again and back in the office, I feel lucky to have a bit more time with the kids, that I’ll never have again! Yep it’s stressful and I really hope it’s not something we have to do for very long, but I’m glad to be here, enjoying them a little longer. I say this now while things a calm, maybe if I was commenting later in the day, my feelings would not be the same haha! I’ve found structure to my day is the most important, and also being open with my team. There is no point pretending I’m going to be fully engaged all day and ready to respond immediately. Thanks for keeping my feet comfy during these wild times! Wearing my leopard madison mules atm :)

  • Shannon DolbelApril 1, 2020

    Instead of pushing little kids away if you have a video or phone meeting, let them in for that cuddle, to sit on your lap for 5 minutes. Workplaces need to accept that work and family life have now meshed together and the little ones may appear on that virtual meeting.

  • AnnaliseApril 1, 2020

    Great tips! Inspiring women! Ridiculously awesome shoes! #rollies4life

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