EttaVee Shows You Colours You Never Knew Existed!

March 30, 2019 by Rollie Nation

What is it about Paris? The effortless fashion pieces are worn by practically everyone; men, women, and children. The beautiful flow of the sound of the French language that rolls off the tongue, again so effortlessly. Even the architecture and buildings create inspiration for fantasies. 

So when American artist and designer, Jessi Raulet, moved to Paris from San Francisco; she was instantly captivated by her new French-way of living. With the help of her French husband, she dove head-first into the culture; learning French, traveling the country and exploring French cuisine - yum!

“Paris is a beautiful city, with champagne colored buildings at every turn. Having moved there in the winter the sky was often gray and I found myself missing the vibrant colors in SF, so I started looking for color in Paris. I walked around many neighborhoods looking for colorful doors to photograph. When spring came along, I retreated to Parisian parks to get my color fix amongst the flowers. This search for color is what inspired me to start creating bright, energetic and colorful art.” And thus, the EttaVee brand was born!

 Perched in a Paris apartment studio, the creative director knew she loved all things bright, colorful, and sparkly. After working 5+ years as an art director within the advertising industry, she branched out and built her own brand, EttaVee. The also freelance art director has created work featured by Good Morning America, Dancing with the Stars, Pantone, and PopSugar.


It’s a given that being a mom and working full or even part-time is challenging. Millions of mothers and fathers all over the world take on the challenge, it’s rewarding for many reasons.

“Even though balancing the two is hard work, it’s very important to me that my daughter sees her mother doing something she loves. I hope that I’m leading by example and showing her that with talent, perseverance and some hustle one can live out their passion.” Jessi adds,“All of the hard work that comes along with motherhood has made every ounce of success that I’ve had since all the more sweeter!”

Baby Savannah brought more joy to Jessi’s work ethic and even altered her actual art creations. At times, when Jessi isn’t sure that a piece of art is working, she’ll show Savannah and watch for her reaction, her baby daughter has become her favorite art critic.                                                  

“I’ll show her a piece and if her eyes dance around the painting and it holds her attention (the short-attention-span of a baby), it tells me that the piece is visually captivating.”

Did you have set goals, or did you change your work habits/ethics in any way?

“Absolutely! Having a baby lit a fire inside of me to get my art business into shape. It forced me to be more decisive, focused and work more efficiently since my time is now limited. I was also able to gain a clearer view of what type of lifestyle I wanted to provide for my family. Words can’t express how fortunate I feel to be able to work at home and see her grow.”

“This past year has truly been an amazing transformation for both my life and my art business. I’ve gone from just selling my artwork online to collaborating with stellar brands...” 

“I was thrilled when Rollie contacted me about collaborating on a shoe collection. It’s truly a dream project of mine! Vince is a visionary when it comes to designing and developing cool kicks! When he presented his ideas for the shoes that were inspired by my artwork, I was surprised at how seamlessly he was able to translate my artwork into a beautiful shoe and in such an innovative way. I had never seen anything like it!” 

Jessi On The “Hello, World!” Collaboration

The EttaVee collaboration with Rollie is crafted and designed with full hearts, dashes of gold, and endless travel adventures in mind. EttaVee’s endless inspiration from exploring the world and the views from her Paris stoop, she crafts hand-painted goods from objects of glass, globes, and now- shoes!

Rollie and EttaVee collaborated and combine art and the comfort of Rollie shoes for exploring the world in playful, cozy footwear. Catering to your Summer style and hopefully, endless travel adventures.With hints of gold, the shoe collaboration was born and features three sublime styles. The Sidecut Voyage, Sidecut Paris and Madison Mule Moonlight were inspired by the colors of the globe, warm tropical nights, and travel adventures. Get ready to step into a world of color with the Hello World! collection by Rollie x EttaVee.


The ‘Sidecut Paris’ was the first shoe they worked on inspired by Jessi's glass artwork. With a breathable TPU, clear upper mimicking the glass, beautiful pastel brush strokes on the vamp and a brass chain on the heel for the finishing touch! “The shoe also has a gold trim, just like the metal on the artwork frame and a brass chain to match. The brush strokes on the shoe are the same as the ones I do on my glass pieces. When I tried on the samples, I was blown away by how cozy these shoes are! They’re really fresh, unique and I can’t wait to run around Paris wearing these.



The ‘Sidecut Voyage’ was inspired by a painted globe that Jessi had originally created as part of a collaboration with another artist, who specializes in painted globes.

“For this shoe, I re-created the same design as the globe, but this time on canvas. I used a large canvas in order to make sure I had a lot of areas of interesting patterns to work with. We translated the gold foil continents as stamped metallic gold on leather. The brush strokes travel around the shoe, kind of like a journey around the world. The colors are vibrant making this stunning shoe pop on and off the foot.”




Inspired by warm tropical nights in the moonlight, the Mule styled Rollie fit the description of an endless Summer shoe.

“I imagine the person wearing this shoe is sitting outside on a warm night sipping chilled rosé with friends and with live music playing in the background. The gold stamped flecks are inspired by the shimmering glow of moonlight on water.”

“Along with Rollie, I’m elated to introduce this playful collection to the world! Rollie shoes are an already beautiful canvas on which I could couple with my art. I hope my passion for color, whimsy, and fun shows through in these this collection.”



Join the waitlist to shop the collection here!

When: May 17th 2018 / 7:00pm 
Event Launch: Rollie x EttaVee Shoe Collection 

Where: Canal St Market / 265 Canal St. NY, NY 10013


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