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This is for the colour brave, the young at heart and for everyone inspired by colour wanting to
make a bold statement. We have partnered up with amazing Adelaide-based painter and maker,
Tiff Manuell to create a one-time limited edition collection. Sleek and simple aesthetics of our
super comfortable and ultra-light shoes transform Tiff's beautiful hand painted brush strokes
into footwear art. This dreamy collab has three styles with two being hand painted by Tiff herself
making each shoe truly one of a kind! Finer details like the Rollie gold plated heel cap and Tiff
inspired tringle zips gives the collection a special touch. it's everything you'd expect and more,
pushing all the boundaries to create something so magical.

The collection is exclusively available online and will all be a one-time limited edition run!

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Our shoes are created with lots of love and respect. We have two main suppliers and both are small to medium sized factory with approx 100 workers in China.

Rollie founder and designer Vince Lebon has a close working relationship with the suppliers which has been nurtured over the past 10 years (even prior to Rollie). This allows us to ensure that the best craftsmen are creating Rollies with lots of love and respect and are in turn paid a fair wage and work under good conditions. 

Some key points from our Code of Conduct: 

  • We build our integrity upon making ethical decisions 
  • We endeavour to produce quality shoes under a safe and ethical environment for all employees
  • We do not condone the use of child labor.
  • All materials used to produce our products will be Lead-free and Chrome-free.
  • All suppliers must be comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Want to know more?

Email us at We'd love to answer any questions you have :)



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