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How To Care

Here's some more info on how to care for your Rollies


To protect your leather Rollies, spray with a suited leather protector (we recommend Collonil). Use a leather cleaner and a damp cloth to lift any dirt or water stain. For tough stains, use a soft bristle brush like an old tooth brush. After cleaning don’t forget to protect again with leather spray!

Suede & Nubuck

Before stepping out in your new kicks, protect your shoes from water absorption and marks by applying a quality waterproofing spray. To remove dry dirt marks, use a suede/nubuck brush and brush continuously in the same direction. You can also use a leather cleaner such as Jason Markk with a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt. After cleaning, make sure you waterproof them again as cleaning will strip any protective layers.

Calf Hair/Pony Hair

Calf hair is a leather that has not had the hair removed. It’s quite delicate and may eventually bald slightly from abrasion. Like metallic leathers, the most effective maintenance is to take care when wearing your shoes! Unfortunately, if balding occurs there is no way to reverse it. You can’t use any cleaners on calf hair, but if there is a little dirt on them, just brush it out in the same direction of the hair.

Metallic Leathers

Metallic leathers are created using a hot press technique in which foil is bonded to the leather. This means they are not as durable as regular leathers and if the foil is scratched it will expose the leather underneath. Unfortunately, there is no process to re-foil metallic shoes, so please tread with care.

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