About Us

The spark of inspiration

Rollie founder Vince Lebon has been doing shoes for a long time, and after 10 years of designing shoes for Australia’s top independent footwear company … a spark of inspiration hit.

His wife Kat (nickname Rollie) travelled a lot for work and in her down time she wanted to take in the magic each city had to offer. But dragging around work shoes and fun shoes was exactly that, a drag. Inspired, Vince wondered what if he could design a shoe that was light enough to pack in a carry on, comfortable enough for all day adventuring and fun enough to reflect Kat’s unique sense of style.

After constantly being stopped by complete strangers asking about her incredible shoes, in 2012 Vince decided to test the concept at South Melbourne Market’s SO:ME designer space. Within weeks, his entire first collection was sold out and Rollie was born. What started simply as a gesture of love quickly became an entirely new shoe concept loved the world over.

Not more shoes, better shoes

Our outsole has been engineered to evenly distribute weight. So, there’s no need for metal shanks​.

The durability of rubber and the energy return of EVA. Our rubber sheeted outsole conceals a lightweight, cushioning EVA midsole give softness in every step and a pair of shoes that won’t wear out!

Looks like a dress shoe, feels like a sport shoe. Our Derbys are made with soft premium leather and a cushioning EVA midsole. ​

We’re really into material science and are always looking to update our designs with the best innovations in comfort technology. Our latest generation Derby is version 3.0

Materials we use

EVA - A breakthrough technology made from elasticised closed-cell foam that provides 50% energy return. Both supportive and giving at the same time, EVA has the unique ability to stabilise subtle movements in stride with comfort. ​The material is also exceptionally lightweight.

Hydro EVA – A next generation EVA foam with added pockets of air for explosive responsiveness, super high energy return​ and extreme cushioning. ​

Advanced Counters – German engineered for structure and flex; these counters are unrivalled for their ability to mould to the shape of your foot. This eliminates the usual discomfort of ‘breaking in’ new shoes. ​

What drives us

We believe our differences are what make us magic.

We salute individuals, innovators, collaborators, characters and creators who share their magic with the world.

We create products that fill up our souls and leave us light on our feet.

We are free. We are Enemies of Gravity.