About Us

The spark of inspiration.

Our Founder, Vince Lebon, has been doing shoes for a long time. After a decade of designing for some of the biggest Aussie shoe brands and marrying the wanderlust-seeking Kat, an idea to create a light, comfortable, travel-friendly shoe was born. Kat's nickname? Rollie, of course.

It started with a sketch.

Beautifully designed and wholly unique. Comfy enough for all day adventures and fun enough to reflect unique sense of style. After a lot of trial and error and a decade of learning & relearning, we’ve perfected the Rollie Derby: a shoe that encapsulates the magic of the people who wear it.

Materials we use

EVA - A breakthrough technology made from elasticised closed-cell foam that provides 50% energy return. Both supportive and giving at the same time, EVA has the unique ability to stabilise subtle movements in stride with comfort. ​The material is also exceptionally lightweight.

Hydro EVA – A next generation EVA foam with added pockets of air for explosive responsiveness, super high energy return​ and extreme cushioning. ​

Advanced Counters – German engineered for structure and flex; these counters are unrivalled for their ability to mould to the shape of your foot. This eliminates the usual discomfort of ‘breaking in’ new shoes. ​