At Rollie Nation, we create products of wonder by working as a fun, colourful, focused and innovative team with our core purpose to connect and create lasting memories with people.

Our designer and founder, Vince Lebon harnesses his vast industry knowledge and relationships to work with the best factories around the world. Our factories are thus more than a just a part of our manufacturing process, we see them as long-term partnerships.

We create our shoes with love and respect and engage with people that love and respect what they do. We work with two main factories in China, both small to medium sized with approximately 100 workers as well as a factory in Portugal with just over 90 workers. Our production and development team have developed a close working relationship and even a personal friendship with the owners that ensures our process is running smoothly and more importantly, that everyone is happy.

Vince also has a great relationship with our suppliers which he has nurtured over 10 years (even prior to Rollie)! With regular visits each year helping us and our factories work efficiently together every season, your shoes are treated with TLC at every step. We have the best craftsmen manufacturing Rollies and in turn we ensure they are paid a fair wage under good working conditions.


We have a Code of Conduct in place with any factory we use. Here are some key points:

  • We build our integrity upon making ethical decisions
  • We endeavour to produce quality shoes under a safe and ethical environment for all employees.
  • We do not condone the use of child labor.
  • All materials used to produce our products are Lead-free and Chrome-free.
  • All suppliers must be comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

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