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Our Alpha slide is the luxe slide you've been waiting for. Featuring a full leather outsole that is insanely light, incredibly flexible and super comfy.


  • Soft leather upper that moulds to your foot from first wear
  • A durable, super lightweight, cushioning and flexible leather outsole allows for subtle movements in your stride without risk rolling ankles
  • Breathable leather lining keep your feet cool and fresh.

We get that sometimes, an EVA outsole is just too casual. We haven’t always made leather outsoles because as beautiful as they are, they just aren’t as light or comfortable as EVA. And that’s an interesting problem worth solving! After all, why can’t fancy shoes be comfy too?

Turns out our Alpha leather outsole is a little bit innovative! Yep, it’s patented technology. That’s a fancy word for saying, no one in the world has ever done this before.

Leather outsoles are notoriously rigid. This makes them stiff and uncomfortable. Our patented design gives Alpha an unbelievable amount of flex making it much more comfy than your regular leather soles.

It’s pretty cool how our shoes are built

The world doesn’t need more shoes, just better shoes.  We’ve combined the science and art of shoemaking to create shoes that are unbelievably light and incredibly comfy and hard wearing.  Our innovative designs hug your feet as soon as they’re on, with no ‘breaking in’ you’re ready to take on the world, or maybe just take the dog for walk.

A cult-like following

People really love their Rollie shoes. Some people are known to own up to 20 pairs! We love that our shoes bring people together, from around the block, to all over the world. We are all part of the Rollie Nation.

Proudly designed in Australia

We are part of a strong creative community here in Australia and proud of our home-grown talent. We are collaborators and big believers in the strength and magic that comes when people work together. We are passionate about sharing Australian talent with the rest of the world.

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