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Women's Sneakers

Rollie’s range of women’s sneakers keeps you looking cool and feeling fresh. Thanks to superior design elements, there’s no wear-in time with our sneakers. Simply find the design you love, pop on a pair of our lightweight sneakers and get ready to take on the day.

Women’s Sneakers To Step Up Your Sneaker Game

We're here to take the Australian sneaker design to the world stage. No longer just a comfortable pair of shoes, sneakers are now a unique and individual way to express a sense of style. This means that modern-day sneakers for women need to be equal parts comfort and style.

That’s the guiding principle behind all of Rollie’s women’s sneakers in Australia. Lightweight, breathable and altogether comfortable, our sneakers for women have been designed to make life better.

Our classic sneakers add an understated edge, while our more modern numbers elevate an entire outfit. Designed to feature the latest in technical sneaker design, our sneakers are lightweight and flexible. When it comes to sneakers, there’s no better combination!

Comfortably Stylish Sneakers For Everyone

We're passionate about creating modern sneakers that marry world-class comfort and style with latest in technical and material design. Whether you love high tops, sequins, leopard print or metallic rose gold, Rollie sneakers are for those who aren't afraid to make a statement.

Our attention to detail ensures that a pair of our women’s sneakers will end up being the most comfortable pair of shoes you own. In fact, most of our range allow you to go sock free. Featuring breathable canvas and leather linings, you will always feel fresh and cool.

With design inclusions like added grip and removable insoles for those who use orthotics, our range of women’s sneakers has been designed for women everywhere. Feel great and share your magic with the world when you're in a pair of your fave Rollie sneakers.