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The Birth of Rollie

After working in footwear for 10 years, Rollie founder Vince Lebon believed the world didn’t need more shoes, just better shoes. He saw his wife Kat struggle to find shoes comfortable enough for all day adventuring and interesting enough to reflect her personal style. As Kat travelled for work, she needed shoes that could dress up or down and pack easily into a carry on.

Captivated by the idea of feeling light on your feet, Vince set to work engineering a shoe that was so lightweight, wearing it made you feel weightless. After 6 months, the design was perfected and in February 2012, the iconic Rollie Derby was born.

Launching at South Melbourne Market’s SO:ME Designer Space, the first collection sold out in weeks. The bright, colourful designs drew people in but the incredible comfort & lightness transformed their idea of what a shoe could be.

Today, Rollie has earned a cult following internationally.

More than a staple of the seasoned traveller, Rollie shoes have been adopted by the Colourful & Creative everywhere. From artists, dancers & musicians through to teachers, doctors & nurses, the Rollie Nation is diverse, curious and open to the adventures of life.